Presentation of the FFEPT

Welcome to the french-speaking world of turtles

The FFEPT is the french-speaking federation for the breeding and protection of turtles

Our goal

The FFEPT was founded in 2001 on the model of the A Cupulatta society created by Philippe Magnan. In the same time he created the famous turtle’s breeding park in Corsica, near Ajaccio. Today, approximately 20 french speaking turtles associations are affiliated to the FFEPT, which represents something close to a thousand passionate members, interrested both by the protection of the turtles in the wild and by the herp practice on the captive bred turtles.

The goal of the FFEPT is the breeding and the protection of the turtles (wild and captive).

The french-speaking federation focuses on the following :

  • group the french speaking herper’s associations around an ethical view on turtle’s breeding and protection
  • broadcast information on breeding, laws, and turtles knowledge
  • take the defense of the turtles, which are regarded as life beings
  • help the breeders in their will to respect Protection laws and administrations rules
  • be the best possible representative in front of the authority
  • take the defense of the wild turtles in their natural biotope

Our actions

The FFEPT is developping educationnal and informative actions to fight against the illtreatment of some captive kept turtles.

The french-speaking federation thinks that :

  • the breeding in captivity of turtles, when it is properly done, leads to less and less wild animals captured.
  • the high level of some breeders can lead to some long term breeding plans for the endangered wild species
The federation is the link between the different local associations. It guaranties the organisation of various events and answers to member questions, for instance on breeding, veterinary or turtle’s knowledge aspects,

The FFEPT has a regular letter issue : « Info-Tortues ».

To contact us, feel free to write in english or french to the following email address : ffept @ ffept . org